Benjamin Family Initiative (BFI) is an NGO committed to fostering social and economic development by providing training, education, and career development opportunities to underprivileged communities, with a focus on promoting sustainable and long-term growth.


The Equal Pad Initiative (EPI) is a women empowerment program dedicated to promoting menstrual health and hygiene among underprivileged young women. 

EPI recognizes that without access to hygienic menstrual products, these women are at a higher risk of health complications. By providing them with the necessary resources, EPI aims to ensure that every woman can manage her periods with dignity and respect.

Pad a Girl Today


Want to see the latest monthly menstrual pad program for young women? Head to our gallery to check out all the pictures and get inspired! Let’s break the stigma and celebrate womanhood together.

Why Equal Pad Initiative?

  • Lack of access to affordable and reliable sanitary pads.
  • Lack of knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene is a common issue in remote areas.
  • Remote areas may lack proper sanitation facilities which makes it challenging for young women to manage their periods hygienically and with dignity.
  • Lack of government programs or initiatives focused on menstrual hygiene support for underprivileged women.
  • Many remote areas lack stores that sell sanitary pads,  and even when available, they may be too expensive for underprivileged women to afford.

Our Solutions

  • Donate 20,000 sanitary pads annually to underprivileged girls around Nigeria.
  • Conduct awareness campaigns to educate young girls about menstrual health and hygiene.
  • Provide underprivileged young girls with free menstrual hygiene products like sanitary pads or cups.
  • Collaborate with community leaders, local authorities, and schools to create a supportive environment for menstrual hygiene discussions and initiatives.
  • Develop programs that empower young girls to become advocates for menstrual hygiene in their communities.

A Small Act of Kindness Can Transform Lives

Our mission revolves around one crucial cause: Donating 20,000 sanitary pads to underprivileged girls annually to ensure access to proper menstrual hygiene support. Your contribution, no matter the size, will provide young girls with the resources they need to stay in school, pursue their aspirations, and ultimately lead empowered lives.

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