Testimonials from Individuals that got a paid remote job in the USA through the Benjamin Family Initiative.

Olaitan Irawo.

I am absolutely thrilled to express my utmost gratitude and share my exceptional experience with the Benjamin Family Initiative. Their unwavering support and guidance have been pivotal in propelling my career as a Sales Executive at XP Eats to new heights. Their commitment to empowering individuals like myself is truly remarkable.

From the moment I connected with the Benjamin Family Initiative, it was evident that their mission was centered around transforming lives and creating meaningful opportunities. The professionalism and care they exhibited throughout the entire process were unparalleled.


Gift Osemuche

I am thrilled to share my experience of securing a great job opportunity through the Benjamin Family Initiative. When I began my job search journey, I was overwhelmed by the challenge of standing out in a competitive job market.
Thanks to this platform, I have recently landed a lucrative remote job.

I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to anyone seeking job opportunities. Whatever level you are in your career, whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, BFI will undoubtedly accelerate your job search journey and lead you to exciting opportunities.
Thank you to the BFI team for helping me achieve my professional goals.

Richard Martin

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your assistance in securing job placements along with the BFI.
My experience with your team has been wonderful. Your support has been invaluable in placements of the job. I credit your professionalism, and genuine care for candidates.
I look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership and recommending BFI to others.
I sincerely appreciate your help help so far. Thank you

Joshua Ogunleye

As an NGO that is focused on empowering women, girls, and youth through technology and education, the *Benjamin Family Initiative* are carrying out the exceptional task of developing and managing the career path of young girls and women in the tech space.

The Benjamin Family Initiative, also facilitated how I got a remote job in May 2023. They coordinated the recruitment process down to the onboarding stage.

Yes, I have personally benefited from the BFI by have a remote employment where I am being paid in dollars.

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