At Benjamin Family Initiative, we are dedicated to empowering the youth through a variety of programs aimed at equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the ever-evolving IT industry. Our Youth Empowerment Programs are designed to provide opportunities for growth, learning, and development.

Scholarship Program for Underprivileged Youth

We are committed to providing underprivileged youth with access to quality IT education through our scholarship programs. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enhance their skills and pursue a career in technology, regardless of financial constraints. 

Support our mission by donating computers to our NGO. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of individuals who may not have the means to access resources for their education.

We partner with local businesses and organizations to provide valuable real-world experience in the tech industry through internships. 

Support our mentorship programs to guide youths in their career development journey. Sponsor a mentorship program today and make a lasting impact on the next generation of tech professionals.

Youth Internship and Mentorship Opportunities

Workshops and Seminars


Support our mission to empower youth in the tech industry by sponsoring workshops on:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Personal Branding.

Your contribution will equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive job market. Join us in preparing the next generation of tech professionals at BFI.


We believe that strong leadership is crucial for success in any field, and we are committed to fostering the next generation of leaders. Through these programs, participants learn to communicate effectively, make strategic decisions, inspire others, and lead by example.  

Support our mission to foster leadership skills and prepare youths for success in the tech industry.

Leadership Development Programs

At Benjamin Family Initiative, we are passionate about empowering the youth and shaping the future of the IT industry. Join us in our mission to support and nurture the next generation of tech leaders through our comprehensive Youth Empowerment Programs.

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